Why hire me to be your Personal Matchmaker ?

Simply stated: greatly increase your fate in meeting your life partner, and take all the work and frustration out of your search

All clients are qualified and screened before meeting and had a background check.

We want you to be successful so not everyone is accepted as a client.

Personal service, we work together as a team. You will never be passed around to other employees about your private concerns.

We currently have 7400+ singles and new singles signing up everyday through our sister company 7 in Heaven, increasing your success in finding the right partner.

GAIL has 10 years experience as a corporate recruiter (headhunter) and single organizer helping hundreds of singles make connections

JACKIE has a B.A. degree in Psychology and is very good at helping with the fears and concerns of dating.

Long Island’s ONLY Certified Professional Matchmakers Association member and VOTED BEST of LONG ISLAND DATING SERVICE 2011, 2013 and 2016





What makes Heavenly Match different then most matchmakers?

Pay as you go! Matchmakers traditionally take thousands of dollars up front from you before you even see one client… Heavenly Match has an initial $99 application processing fee, and then only charges you for the dates you agreed to go out on after you have reviewed profile and pictures.

* I do not take every client’s request for a love match search. Clients are selected after being interviewed and screened Every potential client has had an internet background check, and had in person interview. Accepted clients have “done the work” or are at a point in their lives where they are OPEN AND WILLING to make the changes in their lives to be successful at love. We will work together as a team on a mission which will be fulfilled.  I will guide you, motivate you and be there for you every step of the way …making your final search a complete success and your dreams come true.

What kind of individuals become exclusive clients of matchmakers?

Generally most clients are upscale busy professionals age 28 to 45+ and looking to settle down and start a life with someone for the first time. Other clients are in their late 40′s and 50′s and up, established in life, perhaps already have been married prior, and seeking to fulfill their goals of finding the right life partner for the rest of their lives. However anyone at any age can benefit from this service, as I have helped many men and women find each other at many different stages of their lives.


How does the Heavenly Match program work?

*Qualified individual personal match dates will be arranged
These pre-qualified arranged introductions will be set up after you and the potential date both agree on a meeting. (PHOTO’S VIEWED) I am your personal assistant.   Working together, I will take all the work out of finding a good potential date.

* Help with making the first special date
Because we live such busy lives, making that first date can be difficult. We set the initial date for you, and you take it from there.

Your exclusive membership will also include :

  • Coaching, Advice, and Support to create and achieve your goal/dream!
    I will give you the tools, show you how to use them, making you more successful in all areas of your life.
  • Complementary review of your online profile
    YES online dating. You need to cast a wide net and online dating is just one of many ways to find someone. I will help you with this project and mode of meeting someone, create, guide and improve your online profile to get better results.
  • DISCOUNTED and some FREE EVENTS with 7 in Heaven Single Events
    You must cast a wide net …
    so in addition to your individual qualified dates I will set you up onhave fun meeting singles in a more casual way, SPEED DATING or at one of our FUN activity or sports events just for singles!

What is the first step to get started ?getStartedicon2


 *Register with questionnaire with no obligations to pay

Next, after we review your application, we will make an appointment to discuss your questionnaire, past history and current situation and future goals. We will go over in length – your desires, religious needs / requests, and any “deal breakers” to make your perfect heavenly match!

This meeting will require about 45 mins of your time so we need to pick a time so we can accomplish this. We will set goals, and discuss any blocks that have been standing in your way and get your life moving in the right direction.
We will choose a  location close to your work or home.  Let me know your schedule, and we can work on a date and time ASAP


Payment arrangements are built in to our program

Our fees are very affordable compared to the national average for Matchmakers, that charge you thousands of dollars up front before you even meet one person.

You are only invoiced for the dates / meetings you agree to go on!
You make the decision of who you want to date –  we will present to you screened matches at no charge to you until you do agree to date a pre-qualified client ! 

Please complete the questionnaire to help us get you started today


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Want more information?

Call – (631) 450-6151 / (631) 592-9804

or Email – heavenlymatch@live.com


  • All inquires are answered during business hours

Tues-Fri 9am-6pm